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Mythic Adventures Audio Blog

It has been my lifelong passion to find points of contact with God in everyday life and to help others to do so as well.  As part of that mission, I produce an audio blog called Mythic Adventures.  In this program I talk about sacred stories from all over the world. If you believe that there is a God, then this site invites you to consider what that implies: that your life history is a subplot within God’s Story.

Click here to go to the Mythic Adventures audio site.

4 thoughts on “Mythic Adventures Audio Blog

  1. Wow, what an ending to a great story! BTY: which story was Ron telling us about?

    • Hi Jim,

      Although your comment was on the Mythic Adventures info page, I’m guessing that you’re asking about the Lady or the Tiger YouTube video I posted earlier this week. I tried to make it so you’d experience it like all of us did that day in the classroom, but the version in which the lady had cat-like characteristics was the ending that I was telling you about in the YouTube.

      • Yes Ron, it was meant to be posted on the YouTube video. Don’t know if you can get it there or not. And I wasn’t asking you for the answer about the lady with the cat-like characteristics. I was trying (apparently not very well) to leave the reader with a questionable ending. Were you telling us the story about your ending to the lady and the tiger (which was great BTY, especially for a HS freshman), or were you telling us about your experience with God? I know the answer that I took away from your video, but I was hoping that others might ask themselves the same question. (Just trying to follow your example in your ending to the story.) Jim

      • Now I understand. Sorry I missed that subtle cue!

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