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First Review of Small World on Amazon (USA)

My book Small World has received its first review on Amazon (USA):

“This is a small book (less than 150 pages) that is a page turner but not one to read quickly. It includes philosophical, political, social and a bit of religious dilemmas. While it is a mystery it is very thought provoking.”

I also received an email the other day from a young man who said that he “thoroughly loved it,” and added:

“I have never heard of a plot line anything like it before and loved the various twists and turns. I really felt like you were able to flesh out the characters very well in such a short time frame.”
If you’ve read the book (or either of my other books), I’d love to hear from you! You can either leave a comment here or click here to go to my new author site on WordPress.

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2 thoughts on “First Review of Small World on Amazon (USA)

  1. I read “Small World” over vacation and enjoyed and appreciated it. It kept me turning pages. I laughed, but I also thought about its implications. Congrats on your first novel!
    P.S. For a philosophy prof, you have a wild imagination!

    • Hi Shayne,

      I just got back from vacation myself. I’m glad you enjoyed Small World. I had fun writing it, because it did give me the opportunity to let my imagination run free. There’s something life-giving about that, I think. Thanks for letting me know what you thought about it.


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