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What Does God Do All Day? (Part 3)

I’m still reviewing what I’ve done so far on this site.  My focus here has been on the Clifford Problem, which is the difficulty we have in discerning what God is doing (other than watching) when we’re busily engaged in activities that are not religious. So far, I’ve suggested three answers to that question.  The first two are:

1. God is making us into disciples of Christ, using the stuff of our daily secular experience to teach us a wide range of competencies.

2. If we pray about our work, then God answers those prayers and works through us to serve others.

Today I’ll remind you about my third answer. I spent most of the past year trying to show that God is working through us to transform (or at least to influence) the larger culture.


I waxed quite philosophical about this, but all I was really driving at was the fact that our society is a complex web of interconnected cultures, and that our place of employment is part of all that. In fact, unless it’s a small business, the corporate entity to which we belong is itself a complex organization, with each department contributing its own sub-culture to the corporate culture. I said it’s so complex we can’t comprehend it all, but in theory we can appreciate the fact that God is working through us to transform our piece of the puzzle.

There’s a lot of meat here in this subject, and I don’t feel I’ve even begun to tell you why this is important.  In the months ahead, I’m going to continue to talk about subjects related to this. Just so that you know what I’m up to, here’s my plan. I’ve got so much to say about all this, it’s been keeping me from saying anything. So for the rest of the 2013-2014 school year (I’m an educator, so that’s how I mark time) I’m just going to share a number of random thoughts without any apparent structure, loosely categorized under this main umbrella idea: how God is working through us to minister to the larger culture.


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