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Making Disciples

We’re talking about what God does all day.  From a Christian perspective the most obvious answer would be that God is “making disciples” (Matthew 28:16-20).  That phrase includes a number of divine activities that fall under two major headings:

(1)  Inviting us into relationship.

(2)  Making us into new people.

It’s tempting for some Christians to focus primarily on the first heading.  On this view, God is interested most of all in recruitment.  Winning souls is what matters most, and as soon as those souls are won, they in turn must win other souls.  Some Christians reduce the whole gospel to these simple terms. They believe that we are automatically made into new people just by virtue of entering into relationship with Christ, so #1 above is all we need to focus on. 

If we hold this view then it’s difficult to identify God’s activity in the mundane stuff of everyday life, because we don’t think God is interested in everyday life. We believe that God wants to call people away from all that.

But this view ignores much of what Paul says in his Letter to the Romans.  Once we die to the old life and are raised anew with Christ, then we embark on a process of transformation that will last the rest of our lives.  In other words, every day God is doing what’s described in #2 above as well as in #1. And the transformation that Paul talks about involves all of us as a person—every part of our being.

How does this play out in the more secular aspects of our daily lives?  I’ll say more about that in my next post.


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