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How Secular Is Your Conception of God?

This site is for people who welcome the opportunity to do some fresh thinking about a problem that is not often discussed: Do our daily secular lives have spiritual significance?  As a Christian, I pose the question theistically: Do our daily secular lives have significance to God?

This prompts a number of related questions: Is God intimately involved in the daily routine of the modern factory or office complex?  Is God doing anything worth talking about in the day-to-day lives of biochemists, computer programmers, health professionals, or journalists?  Is God at all active in the daily work of salespeople, city planners, or law enforcement officers?

Or to rephrase these questions more generally: Does God appreciate the significance of the technical problems faced by people in their jobs?  And is God in any way involved in the day-to-day work of the human race?

I’ve devoted my life to these questions, and I’ve created this website in order to talk about them at great length.  I hope that what I say in this blog will be useful to you as you seek your own spiritual adventures in the workplace.

For today, however, I ask you to think about how you would answer them.  And I invite you to share your thoughts by clicking on the link below and adding your comments.


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2 thoughts on “How Secular Is Your Conception of God?

  1. Hi Ron! I really look forward to seeing what comes of this site, and what questions you continue to ask. This one is interesting considering the sermon I heard yesterday; the preacher was very adamant about how connected to our daily lives God is, and I think it’s true. Not only is there the aspect that He cares about the day-to-day stuff (which, I think, sets Christianity apart from some of the other major religions), but that’s where we spend so much of our time–if we aren’t connecting to God in some small way throughout the day, how much of our lives are we living without Him?

    Although, if you’re asking about direct involvement on an action level, I’m not sure. Do I really believe that God moves my keys to a more convenient place when I lose them? No. But am I going to pray that He helps me out with it? Yes.

  2. I didn’t realize you had a blog of your own! Thanks for sharing that, first of all.

    I’ll talk more about this in the days ahead, but it’s precisely on your last point that I’m going to press. The example you give is humorous (not surprisingly, since you usually are humorous), but there’s a serious point to be made here. No, God doesn’t move our keys to a more convenient place when we lose them. (Wouldn’t that be nice!) I’ve spent the past few months of my audio blog emphasizing that our problems are educational and that God transforms us through them rather than eliminating them. But I have experienced God in many very direct ways in the workplace, and that’s what I want to talk about in more detail.

    I heartily agree with your statement that we spend much of our time in the workplace and it’s a shame if we don’t spend that time with God. That’s another point that I’ll be coming back to later.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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